Flowers in December: An Interview with the Stars

Dee Wallace and Robert CraigheadWhen I asked my actor buddy, Robert Craighead if he would let me interview him about his upcoming film, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be sitting down with TWO movie stars…

Robert, a superb actor, was recently cast opposite the amazing Dee Wallace (Yes. The mom from E.T. That Dee Wallace.) in the soon to shoot Indie, Flowers in December, a short film to be directed by award winning filmmaker JT Mollner.

Flowers in December is a gritty love story told in the style of some the great blue-collar films of the seventies, like Tender Mercies, Urban Cowboy, and Five Easy Pieces. It is a family drama–in more ways than one–Dee’s daughter, the lovely and versatile Gabrielle Stone, is also co-starring in the ensemble piece as… well, as Dee’s daughter! The powerhouse cast is rounded out nicely with the very talented JB Blanc.

Mollner wrote the script with Dee Wallace in mind. He wanted to see her have a chance to cut loose in the antithesis of the lovable mom roll. I have no doubts she’s up for it… I remember well the day she kicked Cujo’s ass.

My goal in having this interview was to do my part to spread the word about this very special film project. The cool thing is YOU can help too!

Dee WallaceIn addition to their own personal funds, the producer, Chris Ivan Cevic and director JT Mollner are entering the home stretch of their crowd funding campaign over at Anyone can contribute and there are lots of nifty perks for doing so! It’s quick and easy to make a contribution and no contribution is too small.

This is the final week of the campaign so let’s all jump in and help push it over the top! ๐Ÿ˜€

I had a very lovely chat with Robert and Dee last Friday via skype (I apologize for the low video quality, the little squirrel that runs my internet connectionย  was apparently not up to par… don’t judge me, I live in the boonies).

What gracious, interesting, funny, and just plain ol’ good folks! After you enjoy this fun-packed interview, PLEASE click on the “Make It Happen” button below and, well…



Flowers in December: An Interview with Dee Wallace and Robert Craighead

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