Five Things I Learned From Being A Mime

Sad Mime


Festive MimeSurprised MimeFlirty mime











Scary Robot Mime




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T’was the Nightmare Before Christmas,

…when all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Or a ballerina.


Photo courtesy @CandaceMarie321

Or an Ironman, a Captain America, nor a Thor.

Nothing hits the empty nester like a Holloween without your kids. Even all grown up ones. I would have given my left…ovary for my kids to come crashing in, bragging about their booty.

My girl in her Amazon Warrior costume, broadsword slung across her back and my boy dressed up in jeans and a T-shirt holding his pillowcase and telling me he is dressed as a high school student…

Lonely HalloweenBut alas, it is no more. Not a peep. Not a knock, a ding dong, or a flaming bag of poo. Just a bowl full of Reeses and Baby Ruths…untouched. Except for maybe one or two. Or four.

It’s okay. Castle: Season 3 disc 4 was good, and I got some writing done. Finished a chapter in my book, dressed like someone in her jammies.

Happy Halloween!

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