Love Is Better.I call my blog “Love is better” because… well, because it is.  Better.

I decided that for me, there is one thing worth pursuing in this life, and that is love. I often experience love most intensely through beauty. I’m not really talking about facial peels, perky noses and shapely ankles here — although there is something to be said for pretty toes and freshly shaved legs.

In the last couple of years, I have awakened to the reality that I can find love in so many obscure places. If I slow down and open myself up to the beauty that surrounds me, the universe presents love to me in myriad unexpected ways.

When I choose to be awake, it often sneaks up on me in forms as minute as an exceptionally tasty sunflower seed or as frighteningly huge as a summer thunderstorm. It might show up on a good hair day, in a random smile or act of kindness or in the amazing pattern the spaghetti sauce stain made in the sink.

Sunset in the Trinity Alps

But I must be awake.

I must shake myself from my narcissistic stupor and open my eyes. My ears. My taste buds.

I happen to love the beauty of everything being lined up just so; but I can also find it in things that are seemingly haphazard. I’m even beginning to glimpse it within my own emotional chaos. Let’s face it — sometimes love hurts. But there can be a certain kind of beauty in pain.

This is the theme that I intend to wind around the guts of this site. That sounds kind of like a tapeworm.

Hmmmm…okay, to rephrase; The Pursuit of Love. This shall be my theme. This is my passion. My life’s purpose; to be a bringer of love. It is my hope that by doing so, I will heal myself and contribute to the healing of our world.

“Will the end come before I get to buy the Lexus Daddy?”

It is my belief that one of the greatest contributors to the turbulence we are experiencing in our world today, is fear. Well, fear and the media. Okay, fear, the media, and corn syrup. But truly, we have become so inundated, saturated and manipulated by the spin-doctors of doom that we are literally unable to move; like so many deer in the headlights. We are mesmerized by the all of the sensationally packaged “news” which has been tied up with sparkly curling ribbons of slick advertising that keep us hungry for something better.

We are goaded into a fearful state of mind, and then quickly told that all would be well if we would just go out and buy some more stuff to ease the pain.

“But stay tuned, cuz we’ll be right back with more pain!”

We are being slowly drained of our hope by allowing ourselves to be transfixed by story after story of the impending demise of the world. Then for desert we gobble up every conceivable opinion, commentary and projection about how much worse it is sure to get.

There is a simple solution to this. Turn off the news!!! Pause the Tweets! And hey, come hang out with me for awhile! Then go hug your kids (or your dog, or your gerbil, as the case may be), go outside and drink in the sunset, watch something with Steve Carell in it, and take your neighbor some cookies. Better yet, invite your neighbor over for cookies with Steve!

But for god’s sake, for your sake, take a break. –That was dangerously close to rap… really bad rap.

I am resolved that there is hope for the world – and we are the hope.

The truth is, our savior is us.

In all of our rag-tag, patchwork, multi-opinioned, cross-cultural, brilliant, innovative glory, we are the answer.

We are designed to survive; and we survive and thrive when we focus on what is good. Putting our attention on what is good leads to hope, and hope leads us to solutions. The potential of the human race to be astoundingly good is a beautiful thing. In this I find great hope.

When I say turn off the news, I am certainly not saying that we should stick our heads in the sand and become ignorant. This only allows us to be further controlled. I am simply suggesting that a steady diet of fear and dread will kill us. Kinda like cancer. You get what you focus on, ya know?

If we were to tip the balance of our attention toward beauty, toward that which is good — toward love — what might happen? How might it change us as a species? Could it possibly help us evolve toward life, prosperity, and peace? At the very least it would inspire us to take better care of ourselves and each other. Where might that lead? Surely it would lead to clear skin, shiny hair and thin thighs. I just know it.

I would like to offer you an alternative to the daily scare. Visit me often as I share beautiful thoughts, stories, images, ideas and other cool stuff that will be a source of love, hope, healing, joy and laughter for you. A place for ahhhhhhs, aha’s and ha-ha’s;

a place to combat the blahs.

It is my hope that I can be a bright spot in your day.

So there you have it. Let’s pursue love. Let’s capture it, put it in a jar (with holes in the lid, of course), and show it to the world. Together, let’s watch it spin its cocoon, transform, and be reborn. Then we’ll open the jar and see all the colors flutter into the blue, blue sky. Won’t that be fun? Then we’ll go in, watch an episode of The Office, eat popcorn and laugh our aaaaa…   patooties off. Sound good?

PS: Just after writing this I went in to pee… look what visited me!

Rainbow Visitation
Rainbow Visitation
Pee Pee Rainbow
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